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The purpose of this Website is to showcase the hockey photographhy of Steve Tobus.  


Steve Tobus is a  professional freelance photographer who has photographed many of the world's finest hotels, resorts and destinations, for travel industry clients.  He has always held a passion for the game of hockey, and photographed the sport prior to his professional career.  


The images on this Website were taken during the late 1980's at the Pacific Coliseum NHL hockey arena located in the city of Vancouver Canada.   Manual cameras with manual focusing lenses and Kodak B/W films were used under ambient lighting conditions.  


All the images on this site were taken by and are the property of Steve Tobus.  You may not reproduce, distribute, display,or use any of the images on this site without the prior permission of Steve Tobus.


Copyright 2015 - Steve Tobus Photography



You can purchase prints from Steve's main Website at  Locate the 'galleries' drop menu and choose Late 1980's NHL Hockey.

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